Corporate Values

FGP CAPITAL and all its business partners, consider corporate reputation too sensitive an issue to be jeopardized by short-term profit maximization. Client loyalty is a matter of character and honour.

The firm was founded on the principles of integrity, reliability, discretion and competence. Striving to perpetuate the values which have for centuries forged the success of Swiss Private Banking around the world, FGP CAPITAL will not endorse the lucrative and risk-free business model of launching products by aggressively selling them to clients. We will promote the best possible alignment of interests between clients and bankers, by putting our own capital where our convictions are, along with our clients' wealth. In the same spirit, we will also encourage the principle of a reasonable retainer and a performance fee.

Ethically, the remuneration of bankers can be justified by the level of service personalization and the investment performance.

It is impossible to produce a superior performance unless you do something different from the majority.
- Sir John Templeton
FGP CAPITAL fully adheres to the conviction that administration and management fees should be transparent and reasonable. Overall fees should be a function of performance.

FGP CAPITAL will also target a 10-15% allocation of profits to established charitable organizations.