Mission & Vision

Private Banking Innovation: The Art of Rediscovering Traditional Swiss Private Banking by offering superior service, delivering performance through a global investment network, and aligning bankers' and clients' interests together without compromise.

Empirical evidence suggests that private banking clients - being successful entrepreneurs, sophisticated investors or retail clients across the world - are not always satisfied with their existing private banking relationships, and are actively seeking alternatives. Among their grievances are the limited personalized services, the misaligned interests between clients and bankers, the separation of the investment unit from the relationship managers, a disappointing performance due to a poorly defined or wrong investment philosophy, a lack of discipline in implementing it, or the placement of exotic products, inconsistent reporting standards, and lately, doubts about the bank's solvency. The most entrepreneurial of them also wonder about the asymmetry of industry knowledge between "industry insiders" and "bankers", and why their edge is not being leveraged in advisory boards.

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
- George Santayana
Over the past cycle, the industry has been influenced by secular forces such as the globalization of capital markets, cheaper access to information, lower transaction costs, the possibility of separating investment activities into distribution and production, the emergence of new financial instruments and investment strategies and, in particular, the advent of hedge funds.

More often than not, however, these innovations have worked well for the financial industry, but not necessarily for the clients: banks' weakened balance sheets and conflict of interests arising between their divisions, aggressive product placements, overtrading, lack of transparency and significant hidden costs. The backlash has been inevitable and it is, in a sense, also salutary for the industry to regenerate itself from the malaise.

Our vision is to go back to the roots of traditional private banking, to offer personalized services by integrating the developing relationship with investment activities.
We aim to deliver a respectable performance by operating a global network of investment resources and to completely align the interests of the bankers with those of the clients, by introducing a reasonable performance fee and competitive administration and management fees, which is in stark contrast with the existing banking and asset management industry.